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February 27, 2013
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Razorback-Fu Species sheet by KING--K9 Razorback-Fu Species sheet by KING--K9
This is an Open Species, please read all info
before making a Razorback-Fu! If you have questions after you read, please note me!

Species Name: Razorback-Fu
Sub-Species: Dragon//Canine//Wild Boar
Statuses/Classifications: Undead//Cyborg//Normal
Close Relations: Drago-Dog (like Mocha; info soon!)

Place of Origin:
• Ancient China is where they were first discovered. The Chinese believe that these creatures were protectors of the Empire, and were often used as battle mounts. Also spoken of myths as a bringer of a long, good life for those who have claimed to see them for those who have never believed in such creatures before.
• Also Discovered in Russia, Scotland, and Alaska

Lifespan: 1-6,000 years
• Very old, well-aged Razorbacks usually have more than four females at a single time

• Males: Have large raptor-like claws in place of a canine’s dew-claws. They use these to battle one another for mates, territory and ranking. Males also have long shaggy chest and tummy fur like that of a lion; this can indicate how old a male is. Not every male has horns on the top of his head; some have them coming from their cheekbones or just above their noses. Males tend to have longer neck fur that goes up onto their heads, this also helps to indicate how old, or how young a male is. They also have less body spines/spikes coming out of their backs, tails, hips, ect. Then a female does, a male has a tougher hide then a female and would not need as much protection.
• Females: Slender bodies, making them more agile. A female is seen with more body spines/spikes as they are more venerable, this is due to the fact that their hide is not a tough as a male’s but they are just as ruthless, and proud as any male. Their neck fur doesn’t usually go all the way down their backs, like most male’s would because they don’t really need it for show. A lot of females have scars on their bodies from being roughed around by other females or by a male trying to mate with them.
• Both male and female are extremely proud, and insulting one could very well end your life
• All Razorbacks have bony toes, and long distinctive ears. All also have tusks that a razor sharp.
• The Male sex organs are on the inside, just as they would be on an reptile.

Diet: Omnivore
• Meat
• Grasses
• Berries
• Other plants
• Nuts
• Mushrooms

• Males: Approx. 7 feet at the shoulders; some are known to be 8-9 feet at the shoulders
• Females: Approx. 5 feet at the shoulders; some known to be as large as 6.5 feet at the shoulders

• Males: Approx. 785 lbs; some larger due to height differences
• Females: Approx. 450 lbs; some larger due to height differences

• A single male my breed with four different females in a single season to see that his changes of reproducing his own genes outnumber those of his competition. He will keep these females away from other males, to see that his seed get passed on.
• Males are usually more colorful then females, their brightness and ‘raptor-like-claws’ attracts females, more color the better his chances are of mating.
• Calls are also used when a female is in heat, this lasts for about two-four months. The larger the timeframe the better chances she has at conceiving and giving birth.
• If a life partner is killed the surviving mate will not breed with any other Razorback-Fu in its lifetime.
• The courting begins after a male wins the attention of the female he wanted to impress, they will play tag and chase each other. The female is more in control of the situation then the male; she will let him know the right time when she wishes to mate. They play continues for about a week before she is ready to mate with him.

• Usually last about eight-nine months.
• The female will have to eat her own body weight in food throughout her pregnancy to produce a healthy newborn.

• Most females give birth to a single offspring, although it has been recorded that a single female can have twins but is however, uncommon.
• The younglings stay with their mother’s until they themselves reach sexual maturity, which is about the age of 10.
• A female reproduces once every ten years so that she can provide and teach her youngling how to survive.

• Depending on climate, the Razorback’s body type/structure/appearance can change. (eg. Cold weather; snow/ice means a more dull colored, shaggier animal)

• Newborns = Pups
• Juveniles Male and Female = Younglings
• Fully grown Males = Buck
• Fully grown Females = Doe

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My Razorbacks:
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Species and Art (c) Me --> KING--K9
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Are adopts allowed? :)
KING--K9 Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No not at this time they are not. Thanks for asking though~
Flare-goes-OM-adopts Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok <33 np
Whitephoxx Feb 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist I want to make Battle mounts for my tailmouth sona and persona XD
You are the most AMAZING species creator I know.
KING--K9 Feb 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Go right ahead 83
After all they are open for anyone to make lol

And thanks that means a lot <33
Whitephoxx Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It inspires me to make Skyrim battle-armor for her...and her summonable mount/mod lol...I am such a moron sometimes.
KING--K9 Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
nah, its all good c:
Whitephoxx Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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